Cum am putea sa descifram mai bine gandirea unui arhitect decat din propriile sale scrieri ?

In 1928 au fost publicate sub titlul IN THE CAUSE OF ARCHITECTURE mare parte din scrierile lui Frank Lloyd Wright.

Incep reproducerea acestor texte cu partea referitoare la modul cum gandea marele arhitect american, cel care a „inventat” arhitectura organica, concepea structurarea planului.


PLAN ! There is something elemental in the word itself. A pregnant plan has logic – is the logic of the building squarely stated. Unless it is the plan for a foolish Fair.
A good plan is the beginning and the end, because every good plan is organic. That means that its development in all directions is inherent – inevitable.
Scientifically, artistically to foresee all is „to plan.” There is more beauty in a fine ground plan than in almost any of its ultimate consequences.
In itself it will have the rhythms, masses and proportions of a good decoration if it is the organic plan for an organic building with individual style – consistent with materials.

continuarea la THE LOGIC OF THE PLAN – full text

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